Are you in the rebound job?

Broken heart

We’ve all heard of the rebound relationship but what about the rebound job? 

In a nod to Valentine’s Day, here are our (tongue in cheek) five signs you might be in a rebound (including some tough love advice on how to handle it) job.

We used to…

If you start every sentence in your new job with the phrase “we used to…” (beyond the initial three -six-month bedding in process) you might want to remember that “you don’t” anymore – the clue is in the tense!

You are in a new job and the new organisation will work in a different way – that’s not to say your new organisation can’t benefit from your old way of working but there is no old “we” any more. You have a new “we” and you need to embrace it. Sorry if that sounds harsh but reality bites!

Obsessing over what your old place is up to

If you are thinking too much about your old organisation, voraciously following them on twitter for titbits of information then you need to take a break from your social media feed.  You might be proud of all you achieved in your old organisation, but you need to propel your skill set in your new one.  If you keep looking to the past you won’t be able to see all the opportunities in front of you. Sometimes you really do have to let it go!

New place Vs the old place

This is a bit like the over use of “we used to” but it’s not healthy for you if you keep comparing your new place of work to the old one.  We completely understand, transitioning from one place to another can be hard but isn’t that what you wanted, something new?  There is no easy answer on this, you’ve got to trust in yourself that you can do it.  After all you did it before (in the old place – sorry to take you back there) and you can do it again.

You want to show off your new place to your ex (colleagues)

You made the move and left your old colleagues behind and maybe things aren’t so great at the new place, but you don’t want to tell anyone that -  no one is that honest!

A word of advice here – you don’t want to alienate your old colleagues (friends) with tales of a new nirvana so try not to do too much of the showboating.  Plus, be a little too OTT about your new love (we mean job) and people might guess all is not well.  Think of the Ross “I’m Fine!” scene in Friends.  It’s on Netflix now so is a totally acceptable and relevant social reference. We advise you to google it (not at work obvs) but it contains a massive spoiler if you are new to Friends!

You don’t like your replacement…..

Hey, you’ve moved on and well so has your organisation and to be frank it’s got nothing to do with you. You are bound to hear things about the new person and they are bound to do things differently to you But and there is a big but, you need to focus on you and what you are delivering in your new organisation because well you left the old place….

What to do:

Ok, we know these examples are a tad on the extreme but it’s not uncommon for people when they start a new job to hanker after the familiarity of the old and to do and feel some of what we’ve outlined. Comfort blankets aren’t only used by babies!

Believe it or not the uncomfortableness of it all is part of the transition process and you are not alone if you have withdrawal symptoms for an organisation you couldn’t wait to leave.  

Starting a new job is like landing in a new and strange land – you’ve the organisational jargon to navigate, the social hierarchies and new systems to learn to name but a few.  It’s all daunting stuff and can throw the most confident off their tracks.

However, if you are looking for a life raft to get out and think your former organisation has all the answers and you were crazy to leave you might want to remove those rose-tinted spectacles and remember the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place.

Click here for some helpful advice on transitioning from one way of working life to another.  

But if you know in the pit of your stomach the move was a wrong one or it was the right time to leave but perhaps not the right organisation to join we are always here to help you with your next move…

Or you could always have that conversation with your former employer and see if you can go back…

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s the right move for you.

Happy Valentine’s from all of us at WMJobs

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