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Lexie Williams - HR Administrator

Written by: Fiona Narburgh
Published on: 29 Jan 2024

Lexie Williams - HR Administrator at Worcester City Council

Lexie Williams is an HR Administrator at Worcester City Council. She completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Business Administration, an 18 month programme delivered by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association, in addition to on the job learning. Since completing the apprenticeship, Lexie has been employed by the council and is now a permanent member of the team.

I was only six months into a university degree and was feeling disillusioned and realised I’d rather be working and earning, while learning. I’d gone to university straight from school and decided to leave it behind and get a job, rather than add to my debts. I didn’t know much about Human Resources, or HR as it’s known, as a career when I spotted the vacancy on the national apprenticeship website but I’m so glad I applied, got the apprenticeship and I haven’t looked back. The past two years have flown by and I’m really enjoying working here and I’m now in a permanent role.

There were a great mix of students of all ages on my level 3 apprenticeship in business administration, working in the NHS and property, as well as councils. We’d meet up in classes once a week, as well as online. I’m still in touch with some of the students so we can support each other in our careers. My tutor visited me at work to check my progress on the modules like project management right up until the exams. 

I’m part of the HR team that leads on staffing and payroll issues for the council. I’m the administrator for the general HR inbox so I get to see everything that comes in from people asking about leave entitlement to our various policies and recruitment too. 

I get involved in specific projects, like putting together and promoting our wellbeing calendar of events for staff. There’s ‘Brew Monday’, held on the third Monday of January that’s all about combatting the feelings of ‘Blue Monday’ at this time, to encourage staff to talk to a colleague over a cuppa at lunchtime. I’m really interested in how we can improve mental health and I’ve been trained by the council to be one of 20 Mental Health First Aiders that can support staff to talk about issues of depression and anxiety and how to handle a suicidal situation.

I feel supported here at all levels from my colleagues to our director. Last year when my mum had a stroke, I was able to work from Bristol to be near her while she was recovering, I really appreciated that flexibility. 

Before the apprenticeship I was really shy. One of the projects that helped build my confidence was to introduce a new eye test for DSE (display screen equipment) and present this to the management team, which they fully supported. I was so nervous before the meeting – yet so proud of myself after.
I’m hoping to do my professional qualifications, that’s the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualifications and progress my career. That would mean I could get involved in occupational health and disciplinaries and other aspects of professional HR. It’s a really exciting field to be in and I feel so glad I’ve found it.

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