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Careers in Adult Social Care

Written by: Chloe Herrmann
Published on: 1 Sep 2022

Careers in Adult Social Care

There are many different roles in adult social care, all of which will offer on the job training and opportunities for you to progress in the role and develop your skills.

Due to the variety of positions available, there are many ways to both progress to the next level and lateral moves to learn new skills or perhaps specialise. 

Below is a small snapshot of roles available at different levels within the sector, for more detailed information please click on the infographic below to be taken to the tool developed by Skills for Care. 

Support Worker - These are a range of roles which are all about supporting people to live independently. You’ll usually have a number of individuals that you get to know very well. You may work in a residential home, or out in the local community. You could be working with people with substance misuse issues, a learning disability, or a mental health condition.

Reablement Worker - Reablement is usually provided to people who have just been discharged from hospital or are entering the care system following an illness or accident. Reablement workers will help people with daily living activities (and sometimes provide personal care) to encourage individuals to develop the confidence and skills to carry out these activities themselves and continue to live at home.

Social Worker - Social workers work with individuals and families to help them through difficult times and improve outcomes in their lives. You could support older people, those with learning difficulties, physical and sensory disabilities, and mental health conditions. You’ll usually work as part of a team and take responsibility for several cases.

Occupational Therapist - Occupational therapists work with people with physical, mental or social disabilities to help them do everyday activities. You could be supporting individuals with physical rehabilitation, equipment for daily living, or selfcare.

Want to find out more? 

You can find out more about careers in Adult Social Care and the roles that are currently available within the Adult Social Care Careers Hub on WMJobs

Also, click the infographic below to be taken to the Skills for Care interactive tool which provides lots of detailed information on progression opportunities in adult social care.