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Careers in Local Government

Written by: WMJobs
Published on: 25 Jan 2024

Career with Purpose

Welcome to the world of local government!

If you want a career with purpose where you can make a real difference to people’s lives, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The opportunities in local government are more exciting than you might imagine, have more variety than you may think, and offer more freedom to reach your potential than you ever thought possible. 

One hundred thousand people have chosen to work in local government in our region alone, across thirty-three different councils and a combined authority. We offer flexible working, plenty of ongoing training and development, great teamwork, and supportive management. That’s on top of competitive pay, a great pension and generous annual leave allowance. You’ll also find your work life balance is achievable as your wellbeing matters to us

From planners to park rangers, solicitors to social workers, lawyers to leisure centre managers, collectively we look after our quality of life, health, education, homes, streets and so much more

Whether you are highly organised, great with numbers, love to be outside, or want to care for people, whatever your skills and passions, there’s a place for you in local government and we want to hear from you

To find out more about working in this rewarding sector, you can also view our Local Government Career Guide here. The guide includes case studies from 21 people across the West Midlands region showcasing their current role and careers to date, giving you an insight into local government from employees themselves

Ready to find a career with purpose? Start your search for a career in local government at WMJobs today!