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Your next career move!

Written by: Lucy Hall at West Midlands Employers
Published on: 10 Aug 2023

Are you looking to change your career?

Perhaps your home life circumstances have changed, and you need more flexibility, or recent years have helped you reassess what you enjoy in your job. Perhaps you just have a desire to learn something new

Exploring new options can feel daunting, but it’s an exciting time in your life! We’re here to give you our best advice on planning a career change. 

What next?
You’ll need to explore where your next career move might take you. Are you currently in the public sector, but want a different experience in another department? Or are you currently in the private sector and want to make the move to Local Government? 

Our Local Government Career Guide is a useful tool to help you identify the different possibilities, including the great benefits that come along with working in the sector. 

The guide includes case-studies from 21 people across the West Midlands region, showcasing their careers to date and giving you an insight from the people themselves! 

There’s a breadth of opportunity from social work to legal, planning to finance, public health and housing

The finer details
Are you currently working for a large organisation, but you’d like to gain experience with a local business? Perhaps you’ve had experience of both and now you need to decide which one you prefer. 

In the Public Sector there are both small, medium and large organisations. Find out more about recruiters in the Public Sector across the West Midlands using our ‘Search Recruiters’ function now! 

Find your strengths
If you’re struggling to decide where your next opportunity might be, don’t panic. Focus on what your strengths are – what transferable skills do you have that might help you in a new role? 

Write a list of the things you enjoy and value, your strengths and areas you want to learn in. What careers do these align with?

You could be a kind, nurturing individual that would fit in with social work

Working for your local planning team could be for you if you want to play a part in what developments your local area sees. 

If you want to make a real difference in your local community, consider working outdoors with your local authority to assist residents, keep parks and streets clean and be out in the fresh air! 

Your application
You’ve found the one - the job that excites you the most and where you see yourself working for the foreseeable future. Now what?

Your application matters! You have 6 seconds (on average) to make an impression, so make it count

Whether the role you’re applying for is a ‘one click apply’ method with your CV, or a full application form – tailor your application to the role you’re applying for. 

Look out for spelling mistakes, ask a friend or partner to check your CV makes sense and there are no grammatical errors

Rather than listing your duties and responsibilities in your current role, focus on your achievements. What have you led on or supported with in your role that showcases the person you really are and what you’re capable of? 

Good luck! Start your search today ...