Introducing a new feature: Upload your CV on WMJobs!

Written by: Faisal Saeed from West Midlands Employers
Published on: 14 Dec 2023

Introducing a new feature: Upload your CV!

We’re providing you with the tools for professional growth. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce the new and exciting feature on WMJobs which will give you more exposure to recruiters in the West Midlands. 

You can upload your CV directly onto WMJobs within your profile for recruiters to search – making it easier for you to showcase your skills, experience and goals to potential employers. 

It’s your chance to shine!

What are the benefits to you?
By having a WMJobs account, you can:
•    Shortlist and save jobs for you to come back to later
•    Create Job Alerts for roles that suit you
•    Manage your Job Alerts if you fancy a change!

By uploading your CV and completing the sections in your profile, you’ll be visible to recruiters across the West Midlands. They will actively seek talented individuals just like you - for your dream role! 

How can I upload my CV and complete my profile?
Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to upload your CV to WMJobs, or follow the instructions below:
1.  Log in or create an account at the top right corner

If you haven’t already got a WMJobs account, you’ll need to create one. It’s super easy and only a few steps to follow!

2.  Navigate to your profile 

Hover over your name, and select ‘your profile’ 

3.  Complete 3 sections of your profile!

To be visible to recruiters, you need to complete three sections of your profile. The first one is uploading your CV, then you’ll need to complete your ‘Career Summary’ and ‘Your new role’. 

These sections will be used for recruiters to search against, so it’s important they’re completed!

Who has access to my CV?
The recruiters who subscribe to the WMJobs service, including most of the Councils within the West Midlands region! This means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to be seen by recruiters across the region. Remember, if you want to hide your CV from an organisation, perhaps because they're your current employer – you can do so, within your account, for as many recruiters as you like. Don't forget to press save each time you add a new recruiter!