Do I tell my boss, I’m going for an interview?

You’ve done all of preparation and you are ready for the interview. You’ve got your outfit sorted you know your strengths and weaknesses and you’ve practiced that Colgate dazzling smile.

Telling your boss if you are going for an interview is the next dilemma and is a question we at WMJobs are often asked.  

The short answer is no you don’t have to. It’s your choice if you wish to do so.

Going for an interview while you still have a job can be a challenge and can add to the whole stressfulness of the interview process.

But there are a whole host of reasons why you don’t have to tell your boss:

  • You might not get the job – therefore the worry and stress of telling them is for nothing.
  • You might not accept the job – remember an interview is a two way process and you might decide that you don’t want to jump ship after all.
  • You could put a question mark over your head. Are you not committed anymore to the organisation you work for? Telling your boss might seem like the noble thing to do but it might not be the right thing to do.

The principle of not being upfront does not sit comfortably with many of us but it’s important to remember we have all been there and in most jobs not telling your boss you have an interview is standard practice.

There might be some occasions where you do feel comfortable telling your boss:

  • You’re relocating
  • You’re facing redundancy
  • You’re on a temporary contract
  • You’re friends – only you can judge it but you are not obligated to tell them

Ultimately it is your private life and you are not duty bound to tell your boss or your colleagues. 

We advise booking the time off if the interview is during office hours.

You might even be able to schedule the interview outside core office hours. If the interview is before or after work and you go in looking a million dollars be prepared for the have you got an interview remarks!

Good luck!

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