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Frontline - Approach Social Work

Written by: Approach Social Work - Frontline
Published on: 2 Jul 2024

Be part of something bigger

Each year in England alone, Social Workers support hundreds of thousands of children facing tough challenges. These challenges can go on to impact their whole lives if they don’t get the support they so desperately need and deserve.

The impact that a Social Worker can make with children and families is profound and continues as a child grows into adulthood, then on to a whole new generation. We need Social Workers who come from a variety of family backgrounds, with different perspectives and experiences.

Approach Social Work (formerly known as the Frontline programme) is a fully funded, three-year Master’s programme, building a new, diverse generation of social workers, designed and delivered by social-work charity Frontline. We’re proud to teach social work differently and by blending learning and practice, what you discover in theory is eased into real-life settings. You’ll be placed in one of our partner local authorities across England and supervised by an experienced Social Worker. Gaining your postgraduate diploma within 12 months will be the first step in your life-changing career.

Join career changers like Helena, now an Approach participant.

Helena previously worked in mental health but felt driven to make a greater impact. So she joined Approach Social Work for a new rewarding challenge. Now, Helena is thriving as a social worker, making a lasting impact every day. She recently won the 2024 Frontline Award for Participant of the year.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the programme. I entered with the right mindset, knowing it would be challenging given its fast-paced nature, but also truly rewarding. With a background in mental health, I’ve always been passionate about helping others. Approach Social Work allows you to make a difference and helps you learn a lot about yourself and your unconscious biases, enabling you to offer the best version of yourself to those you interact with. I’ve faced many challenging moments, but the satisfaction comes from knowing I’ve supported people with dedication, respect and empathy.

I feel I have restored hope in the families I have been working with. Many have had negative experiences with social workers or a negative view of the role. By demonstrating empathy, understanding and building trust, I have shown them that I have their best interests at heart.”

No experience required to apply. Everyone is welcome.

To apply, you don’t need experience in any particular role or profession. As part of the programme, you will learn how to connect with children, young people, parents and carers. We’ll teach you how to build all-important trust, so a family feels comfortable enough to open their door to you again.

You’ll gain the technical skills and strengthen your relational skills. We’ll give you the time and support to finesse your approach, with confidence. You’ll earn while you learn, and once you gain your postgraduate diploma you’ll step right into a job. Finally, through our Frontline Fellowship, you’ll join a network of like-minded peers intent on transforming social work in England.

Join the next generation of Social Workers by signing up on their website.

Approach Social Work was formerly known as the Frontline programme and continues to be delivered by Frontline, the leading social-work charity.

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