Is leaving a job like leaving a lover?

“It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” John Green, Paper Towns

If you’re fed up of all the hearts and flowers today – read our article on the similarities of leaving a job and a lover...

Ok we know the clue is in the title and the immediate answer that comes to mind is probably no but we thought we’d mark this valentine’s with a tongue in cheek look at the similarities of leaving a job and a lover and why it’s not too dissimilar after all.....

You see the signs. Your (working) relationship is nearing its end. But are you ready to move on? Here are five signs that you are.  Both work well for a job or a relationship...

You no longer care

If you are indifferent towards your role/relationship and no longer care, then it’s a sign it’s time to move on. Being invested in whatever you do requires some level of emotional investment and if it’s gone then it’s time to move on.  

Your relationship/job is holding you back

Do you feel that your job/relationship is at a standstill? Have you outgrown your role? If there is no movement and it isn't a positive influence in your life it’s time to (in an ode to Frozen) let it go!

The bad times outweigh the good

Your pro and con list is weighing heavily on the cons. Maybe at the start of the job/relationship, everything was rosy and you were happy. But is every day now a bad day at the office? If you know in your heart of hearts it’s just not working for you and it’s not getting any better and you can’t see it improving – it’s time to look for something new....(or end the relationship).

You have wandering eyes...

You may just be window shopping at the moment – dipping your toe in the water.... seeing how attractive you are on the (job) market.... Maybe you are looking online and have set up a few job alerts.... Looks like you are ready to take the plunge and to start actively applying for something new.  If you’re in a relationship and at this point we are no agony aunt but it’s probably time to end it...

You’re looking ahead and the future is different

You’re making plans…for a new life. You know in 12 months time you no longer want to be with the same person or employed by your current employer.   You’re looking ahead without them – that means you’re ready to move on with your life in a new job or a new relationship.

See – the check list and the process are not so different!

We are here when you are ready to begin your job search in earnest from search to interview to handing in your notice to actually starting a new job.

For love advice – you’re probably better off looking elsewhere..  

Happy valentine’s all! xxx

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