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Why I study social work: An interview with social work student Jenny Jackson

Written by: Abby Vella-Folliss & Jenny Jackson
Published on: 31 Oct 2022

For this month’s Hub article, West Midlands ADASS & WMJobs hears from Jenny Jackson, a student at the University of Wolverhampton who has just begun her masters to become a social worker in social care.J Jackson

Read on to find out more about Jenny’s experience of applying to university and what she is learning.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and why you want to become a social worker?

I completed my BA in Sociology and graduated from University of Chester in 2016. At that time I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with my career but knew I was passionate about working with people. After graduation I started working in a bank and although I was content, I realised that I was ignoring the degree I had already completed and I wasn’t fully satisfied with my working life. I am passionate about working with people and want to make meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives.

2. You have recently started at the University of Wolverhampton – what does the course look like and how are you finding it?

I started my Masters in Social Work in September after applying for the course through clearing. From the day I made the application to now, time has flew by. I’m now in my 5th week and we have explored a range of topics which has already given me an insight into the many different roles that social workers play in society. I will undertake two placements throughout the course which will help to build practical skills and give me experience of supporting people. Since the beginning of the course, the lectures have been designed to build our knowledge and provide a starting point for what we will experience as a social worker. The course has a focus on self-care, making you think and reflect on your own actions and opinions in order to promote anti-oppressive practice.

3. What previous roles or experiences do you have and how might these have led you to wanting to become a social worker?

When I applied for the course I had been working as a project co-ordinator for private social care company which deployed teams of social workers into local authorities across the United Kingdom on a short term basis within Children’s Services. This role allowed me to gain an insight into the daily lives of social workers within multiple local authorities. I saw the impact that the teams I worked with were having on families' lives which inspired me to apply for the course.

4. What advice would you give someone thinking of making the career move you have made?

Applying for the MA was not an easy decision for me. It has meant dropping down to part time employment and there will be times that I will not be able to work at all due to the demands of the course. However, there are bursaries available to support people through social work degrees and there will always be a need for social workers. This should mean that it will not be too difficult to get a job in the field after graduating. On the course you will meet like minded people, gain transferrable skills that employers favour, and discover your own strengths and weaknesses which all helps towards your own personal development.

I hope to keep you informed of how I progress.

Jenny Jackson on Linkedin

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