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Monica - Digital Adoption Training & Coordination Officer

Written by: Fiona Narburgh
Published on: 18 May 2023

Monica Patel  - Digital Adoption Training & Coordination Officer at South Staffordshire Council

My official title can confuse. It has nothing to do with adopting children, but everything to do with helping people adopt new technologies. And if you’re good with technology and good with people, here’s a field that combines both. 

I’m Monica and I came to the council fresh out of university following my computing and management degree. I’d been working in Selfridges and realised I was good with customers but I wanted to use my degree and IT skills so applied for an apprenticeship. The IT team then were 11 men, quite a change from the female dominated retail sector. 

My roles have all been about supporting people with new technologies, which is not always easy. Initially I was helping set up computers, literally getting under the table sorting out cables and building up machines with the right systems and folders that the person needed for their work. I’ve helped some of our councillors get to grips with their laptops, some of them can find the new systems daunting and really appreciate the help I give. 

I’ve been part of a team driving improvements to our website. It’s how many residents find out about our services so it’s crucial it works well, and the information is up to date and easy to find. It’s my role to help people get their content online and I manage the ‘site map’. I’ve run classes to show people how to upload information in preparation for the new site. I’ve been updating our intranet too. 

While all my roles have been about supporting people with technology, I feel I’ve been supported too. I’ve had two children in my ten years here. It was daunting returning after my maternity leave, yet the council have helped with a phased return and training too. 

Now I feel I have a great work life balance, working at home three days a week and two days in the office, as does my partner. It means we are both involved being parents and in family life, even though we both work full time hours. 

I’m very much looking for the next step, I love challenging myself and want to try new areas such as managing bigger projects. 

We’ve just won the UK council of the year. I feel proud to be a small part of our success. 

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