New Year, New Job

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas buzz begins to wind down and we start planning our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s a new gym plan, cutting down on smoking or getting a new job, chances are your new year’s resolutions won’t make it past January.

Follow our advice and landing that new job is one New Year’s resolution you can be sure to keep and meet.

Getting a new job can be hard, but coupled with the dread of going back to your current role, your positive outlook can begin to dwindle one or two weeks in. The key is remaining patient and setting a clear plan of action.

Are you really ready for a new job?

Do you have that feeling of dread in your stomach when you think about going to work; or were you feeling run down before the Christmas break and now the feeling has passed? Only you can tell when you’re ready for a new job. We advise reflecting on why you want to leave your job and speaking to somebody you trust so that you can be sure that changing jobs is the change you need. 

The fresh start effect

The good news is that the New Year is the best time to look for a new job. The job market is thriving in January with new budgets allowing for more hires and other people like you leaving their current jobs in search of something else. It is also what is known as the ‘Fresh Start Effect’ – tying your goal to a landmark such as the New Year can make you more likely to succeed as you take on the ‘New Year, New You’ outlook.

From one rut to another

There will be a high number of roles advertised on jobs boards at this time of year; however it is important not to apply for anything and everything. Take the time to think about what you really want and what job will make you happy. There is no point jumping from one rut to another as you’ll be in exactly the same position three months down the line.

Goals and Timelines

A sure fire way to burn out quickly during the job hunt is not having a clear timeline and plan. It’s important to schedule in key activities and set yourself a number of jobs to apply for each week. However you must remember to be realistic. Setting yourself two weeks to secure a new position is bound to affect your positive outlook if it doesn’t happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t come along right away – be patient and don’t lose sight of what you really want.

New Year Makeover

It’s time for a makeover and we’re not talking about a new hair cut. It’s time to give your CV a little love to ensure it’s up to date and showcases your skills in the best possible way. You should also think about updating your cover letter and supporting statement templates if you have any. If you’re struggling with your CV or Cover letter, then see our advice articles – Writing a Successful CV and Writing a Successful Cover Letter. 

Set yourself apart from the rest

With hundreds of others deciding it’s time for a new job, what makes you stand out? Adding a new skill or qualification could be the difference between your CV hitting the short list pile rather than someone else’s. This new year, invest your time in learning a new skill that an employee could benefit from or taking a short online course to improve your knowledge in your profession.

Social Media cleanse

Finally, don’t forget to clean up your social media of drunken Christmas pictures. You can bet that any employer who invites you to interview will be googling you and checking out your social media - so make sure it’s professional and there’s nothing incriminating!

If you follow these tips, along with our interview advice, then you’ll be on to a winner and in your new role in no time.

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