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Danni - Social Care Practitioner

Written by: Jay Aulum and Danni at Warwickshire County Council
Published on: 24 Nov 2022

Danni is a Social Care Practitioner at Warwickshire County Council. Below Danni has shared her story so far...

My day-to-day duties are varied and interesting. I am involved with assessing customers for care and support, based on the criteria set out by the Care Act. I also help support informal carers with their caring duties, whilst working with a wide variety of professionals such as:
•    GPs
•    mental health teams
•    occupational therapists
•    housing support
•    hospital discharge team 

“I also help the most vulnerable by making referrals to support networks such as Penderels Trust, Rowan organisation, either for the client or their families. I am also involved with carrying out reviews of ongoing care and support packages.” 

“My role also includes working as part of the duty team which is challenging at times, as it usually involves urgent or difficult situations that need immediate action. These situations could range from a reduction or increase in care need or more complex issues such as a hospital admission, welfare concern, or a customer who is no longer able to manage on their own.”

“The main aim of my job is to support customers to maintain independence for as long as they can. This also means that I also have to source suitable and appropriate care for those who can no longer live on their own within the community.” 

“I enjoy working as part of the Adult Social Care Team at Warwickshire County Council and feel a great pride when helping and supporting customers who are at the later stages of their lives. It’s particularly humbling to help ensure they have choice and control when it comes to support needs so that they can maintain their independence for as long as possible.” 

“Ultimately as with any role, the job can be stressful at times, but the compliments and comments made by customers and families make these days worthwhile.”

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