Ten tips for surviving a new job.

Congratulations – all the hard work you put into sprucing up your cv and nailing the interview payed off.

You’ve secured your new role and now you’re ready for your first day, accompanied by a mixture of excitement and nerves.

So, here’s ten top tips to help you survive your first week and start off on the right foot.

  1. Make a good impression. Ensure you arrive on time and dress professionally. (Unless told otherwise.)
  2. Be friendly. You’ll meet lots of new faces in your first week and there will be a lot of names to remember. If you can, get a copy of the staff structure chart to help you. (Also, don’t be afraid to ask somebody to confirm their name – they’ll understand that you won’t remember them all straight away)
  3. Immerse yourself in the company. Ask questions and take detailed notes that you can refer to at a later date.
  4. Build your relationship with your manager. Gauge their expectations early on and confirm their communication preference. (Bonus tip – it never hurts to laugh at your new managers jokes too!)
  5. Learn as much as you can. Take part in any training that is offered and read up on your new company. It also helps to follow your company on social media to stay in the loop. 
  6. Get involved. Schedule in meetings with your new colleagues to introduce yourself. It can also be beneficial to join in any lunch time drinks or out of office functions to develop these relationships further.
  7. Understand the office politics. Get the grips with company culture and understand your role in the organisation. A factor of this is also identifying the informal friendships amongst your colleagues.
  8. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You need to give yourself time to get to grips with the new environment and shouldn’t take on any big projects right away.
  9. Keep personal time to a minimum. Even if your new colleagues frequently take extended lunches, remember that you are still in your probation period and need to show that you are committed to your new role.
  10. Finally, ask for feedback. Speak to your manager about how you are settling in and how you can improve to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

Most important of all - enjoy yourself! Starting a new job can be difficult but also exciting. Follow our tips and you’ll be settled in no time.

Good luck!

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