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The Virtual Interview: Tips for success!

Written by: Becks Collin
Published on: 28 Jul 2022

The Virtual Interview: Tips for success  

Virtual interviewing is a popular, modern approach to recruitment that’s used by thousands of hiring teams worldwide. Even more so since the pandemic, businesses have had to adapt quickly to interviewing over camera and even onboarding new staff virtually. There are many benefits to virtual interviews for both hiring teams and candidates, such as interviewing from the comfort of your own home and showcasing your strengths and personality and who you really are.  However, there are a few things to remember when preparing for a virtual interview.  

Here are our tips for success!   

Your professional image 

Remember when interviewing from the comfort of your own home and using your own technology such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc, people can see your display name.  Consider what you want people to see, perhaps you just want to show your first name and surname, or business name.  Make sure you get out of your PJ’s and dress smart, put-on clothes that you would wear to a face-to-face interview, remember dress to impress!  

Your background 

Before joining the interview, make sure you find a peaceful place to set up, if you are in a bedroom, office or busy room of the house make sure this is neat and tidy so not to distract anyone and them finding your background more interesting than you.  You could also use background settings, such as a background blur, a virtual office, or have your company logo behind you. Remember the background you are sat in, reflects you! 

Check your technology 

Before you join any interview or video meeting, always check your technology is working, is your camera clear? is the camera facing you correctly and at the right height? if using your mobile phone perhaps consider investing in a phone stand, can you join the link provided for the meeting okay? is the volume setting right on your device?


If you were going to a face- face interview, you would have your mobile phone off or on silent, make sure you do the same for your virtual interview, think about any support you may need from others that day, for example do you need someone to look after the dog to avoid any barking in the background or do you need a do not disturb note on your door.   

Make eye contact 

Often when on camera the screen displays you and the person you are talking to.  It is very easy to look at yourself rather than the person.  Where possible change the video display settings, so you only see the person you are talking with, look directly into the camera and remember to smile! 

Prior to your virtual interview remember…… Interview Success

  • Research the company - check out their website, most websites will have an “about us” section. Read about services or products offered, have a look on LinkedIn to see who you will be meeting and what their background is.  Remember often you will get asked “what do you know about our company”.  

  • Review the Job Specification -  re-read the job specification and have a think about your skills and experience and how they match the job, think of examples you can provide during your interview, you may not have every skill they are looking for however a lot of skills are transferable, show these off. 

  • What are your qualities? Have a think about your experience and qualities, practice speaking about them a number of times so you don’t forget.  

  • Questions to ask - it’s always great to have questions prepared to ask the interviewer at the end, write these down so not to forget,  you could ask about the company, job specification, future plans etc. 

  • Close - it is always good to ask if there is anything you have not answered clearly, this allows the interviewer to re visit any questions you answered that they need more clarity on.  Find out what the next steps are such as a second stage interview, presentation or when you will receive feedback. 

Hopefully these hints & tips will help you deliver a great virtual interview and secure the next move in your career! Good luck from team WMJobs!