Today I realised I have fallen back in love with my job

Everyone feels unhappy in their role at some point. Whilst changing jobs is a viable option, it’s not necessarily always the right move to make. In this article, Marketing Advisor, Illesse Uppal tells us how she learnt to love her job again and what steps you can take to do the same. 

"Today I realised that I have fallen back in love with my job.

"I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but I noticed the following things:

1.      I am more engaging with my colleagues

2.      I am full of creative ideas and am excited to make them happen

3.      I am passionate about the projects I am working on

4.      I am smiling again

5.      The dread that sat in my stomach on Sunday night has started to disappear

"Taking up 37 hours of my week, it’s a big chunk of time to spend feeling unhappy or unfulfilled.

"I wasn’t actively looking for another role, but I was thinking of sprucing up my cv and seriously considering my place within my company.

"So what changed?

"It’s all about state of mind.

"I enjoy the work I do within my role, and was worried I wouldn’t get the variety elsewhere. I started to feel grateful for the random pieces of work that are passed to me, the different departments my role covers, and the various people I get to work with.

"Feeling grateful for the work that I once thought of as ‘not in my job description’ gave me renewed passion. I started to go the extra mile and I was determined to make it my best work. This resulted in a particular project that I am immensely proud to have worked on and gave me new found confidence in my abilities.

"The confidence meant I was more willing to share my ‘out of the box’ ideas with my manager and push for projects that I thought I could put my own stamp on. I’ve volunteered for tasks I have no experience in and jumped in with both feet instead of dangling anxiously on the edge.

"Others in my organisation started to notice this change in me and commented of my new ‘assertiveness’ in discussions. Being an introvert, I have always struggled with coming across as timid so this was a huge personal mile stone for me.

"I’m also extremely lucky to have a manager who is literally my number one fan. She was impressed with my refreshed passion and vigour for my role and started letting me manage my own projects – a big jump for somebody who has never managed anything professionally.

"Slightly altering my mind set to be more positive has had an immense knock on effect.  

"I’m happier not just in my role, but in myself both professionally and personally.

"If, like me, you were starting to feel a bit fed up in your current role, my advice would be to take some time for self-reflection before you jump ship.

"Are you being the best employee you can be?

Is your negative thinking causing a rift?

"Could feeling positive about small wins make a difference in how you perceive your role?

"Obviously, this won’t work for everyone and looking for a change may be the best course of action for you. But for me – falling back in love with my job has improved my life more than I could have imagined."

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