Writing a successful CV; Nought to success in 6 seconds.

A lot of organisations will be application form based but having a strong CV will help you to complete those forms easily as you will have all of your information stored in one central place.

Our simple tips should help you write a perfect CV.

Your CV, alongside your cover letter, is what gets you to the interview stage.

Think of the CV and cover letter combo as your sales pack promoting you as the product.  

Don’t though make the common mistake of thinking you have to include every single detail from your life.

Just include key information and leave room to expand on your points in the interview.  Recruiters are not going to spend hours looking at your CV – they need to have a snapshot of who you are and if you are right for the job in about six seconds.

Ensure that your CV matches the job criteria and you are half way there and stick to the facts.  If you say you have done something then make sure you have – you don’t want to come unstuck if you land the job!

Something that can draw the recruiters in is including links to your professional social media channels. This will give them a chance to get to know you off the paper and see how you act in an online work space.

Remember to keep your personal and professional social media channels separate. Also make sure your personal pages are private.  Recruiters are canny and will look at both. To be safe never post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see on both.

A good CV should be no more than two A4 sides of paper.  

This doesn’t mean you should cut corners and squeeze everything in by making your typeface tiny. This makes the pages too cluttered and will be too hard to read.

The key thing to remember here is less is more! It’s a good idea to use bullet points to list key areas you have worked on in your previous roles.

Also it is best practice to use a simple and easy to read font. The recruiter isn’t going to try to decipher what you have written if it’s hard to read. Same goes with colour – keep it black for best results.

Follow our advice and you’ll be on to a winner.

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