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  • How to become an Occupational Therapist (OT)

    • 10 Nov 2023

    WM ADASS and West Midlands Employers have developed a Local Authority Occupational Therapist (OT) Career Pathway highlighting careers across the specialism ...

  • Social Work Apprenticeship Degree

    • 13 Sep 2023
    • Coventry City Council

    The routes to become a qualified Social Worker have increased over recent years - find out more about the Social Work Apprenticeship Degree from recent graduates in Coventry!

  • Louise - Senior Housing Occupational Therapist

    • 11 Apr 2023
    • Fiona Narburgh

    Louise is a Senior Housing Occupational Therapist at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Find out more about her role here...

  • Danielle - Social Worker

    • 20 Mar 2023
    • Fiona Narburgh

    Danielle is a Social Worker in the Exploitation Team at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. Find out more about her role here...

  • Becky - Chief Commissioning Officer

    • 9 Mar 2023
    • Becky Hale

    Have you thought about what you could bring to local government? Read more to find out about Becky's roles and the impact she's had in Adult Social Care.

  • Jay - Senior Social Worker

    • 20 Jan 2023
    • Abby Vella-Folliss

    Find out more about a Senior Social Worker's responsibilities through Jay's experience.

  • Sarah - Adult Social Worker Apprentice

    • 13 Dec 2022
    • Jay Aulum and Sarah at Warwickshire County Council

    Sarah walks us through how it feels to start a new challenge. Find out more about Sarah's role as an Adult Social Worker at Warwickshire County Council.

  • Developing local government leaders in the West Midlands: Graduate opportunities in adult social care

    • 1 Dec 2022
    • Abby Vella-Folliss at WM ADASS

    Three graduates tell their experiences with the Local Government Association’s two-year National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP).

  • Danni - Social Care Practitioner

    • 24 Nov 2022
    • Jay Aulum and Danni at Warwickshire County Council

    Find out more about Danni's role as a Social Care Practitioner at Warwickshire County Council.

  • Beverley - Commissioner & Co-Chair of WM ADASS Carers’ Network

    • 14 Nov 2022
    • Beverley Stevens

    Beverley is a Commissioner at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council & Co-Chair of WM ADASS Carers’ Network. Find out more about her role ...

  • Why I study social work: An interview with social work student Jenny Jackson

    • 31 Oct 2022
    • Abby Vella-Folliss & Jenny Jackson

    Jenny Jackson, an MA social work student at the University of Wolverhampton talks about her experience of applying to university and what she is learning...

  • Robert - Occupational Therapy Apprentice & Assistant Care Co-Ordinator

    • 3 Oct 2022
    • Chloe Herrmann

    Robert is an Occupational Therapy Apprentice and an Assistant Care Co-Ordinator at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Read his career journey so far ...

  • Careers in Adult Social Care

    • 1 Sep 2022
    • Chloe Herrmann

    There are many different roles in adult social care, all of which will offer on the job training and opportunities for you to progress in the role and develop your skills. Find out more ...

  • Why work in adult social care?

    • 1 Sep 2022
    • Chloe Herrmann

    Find out more about why working in adult social care is an extremely varied and rewarding career...

  • How to become a social worker

    • 1 Sep 2022
    • Chloe Herrmann

    Ever wondered how to become a social worker? This article provides a brief overview including the qualifications required.

  • Career Spotlight: Social Worker

    • 1 Sep 2022
    • The British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

    Find out more about the role of a social worker and the positive impact they have on people's lives.

  • Welcome to our Adult Social Care Careers Hub!

    • 1 Sep 2022

    A welcome from the Co-Chairs of the West Midlands Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (WM ADASS) Workforce Network

  • How to write a great CV

    • 30 May 2022
    • Chloe Herrmann

    Our simple tips should help you write a great CV. Your CV, alongside your cover letter, is what gets you to the interview stage - showcase your skills!