Work Place Dilemma

  • How to gain respect as a Leader
    ‘People don’t want to follow leaders into the future, they want to co-create it’
  • In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve compiled some key advice, tips and materials to help you look after your mental health at work.
  • You’ve secured your new role and now you’re ready for your first day, accompanied by a mixture of excitement and nerves. So, here’s ten top tips to help you survive your first week and start off on the right foot.
  • We’ve all heard of the rebound relationship but what about the rebound job?
  • At some point in our lives, we have all had a work bestie. That one person who listens to your rants, understands your Netflix references and makes work that little bit more fun. So, what do you do when they announce they are leaving?
  • It’s nearly here. The party that will be the talk of the office throughout January maybe even for years to come!
  • It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting colder, your heating bills are going up and the shops have been playing Christmas music since October. Christmas time can be a minefield. On top of getting presents for your loved ones, you have the added pressure of the office Secret Santa.
  • Unsure if it's time to make a change or stay put? It can be difficult deciding the best thing to do - take our quiz for some insight into whether or not you've outgrown your job, and what you should do about it.
  • Every once in a while we find ourselves putting in a few extra hours on big projects or to meet that tight deadline. As a rare occurrence that’s understandable, but it’s when the extra hours start to become your new normal when you have to take a step back.
  • Everyone feels unhappy in their role at some point. Whilst changing jobs is a viable option, it’s not necessarily always the right move to make. In this article, Marketing Advisor, Illesse Uppal tells us how she learnt to love her job again and what steps you can take to do the same. 
  • We’ve all had them - the boss from hell. The boss where you have to navigate their mood swings and rejoice when they are on their annual two-week sojourn to the south of France.
  • You’ve done all of preparation and you are ready for the interview. You’ve got your outfit sorted, you know your strengths and weaknesses and you’ve practiced that Colgate dazzling smile.