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About The Kingswood Trust

Kingswood is situated 6 miles outside Wolverhampton. Its natural resources offer open woodland, meadow, ponds, adventure areas, wildlife habitats, growing areas, forest school and many other places to explore and interact with the natural world. Beneficiaries learn about themselves, their capabilities and interests in a classroom without walls and predetermined outcomes. They are supported by experienced qualified practitioners, who encourage them to gain independence and confidence. Its buildings can accommodate up to 70 people for residential stays.

Our innovative approach to learning and wellbeing and our focus on the importance of childhood in its own right is central to what we do. Our children enjoy free exploration and investigation encouraging them to be curious, ask questions and to have greater freedom outdoors.  Our Trust provides a non statutory but hugely important context for life skills.

For the majority of children, the ‘Kingswood Experience’ is their first step outside the city, their first opportunity to enjoy safe natural spaces and for those staying overnight, their first time away from home. A ‘can do’ philosophy forms the foundations for the Trusts personalised learning approach in the outdoors.

Learning in the natural environment offers a vast array of opportunities for people to learn about sustainability and care and respect for living things. We encourage children and the community to act responsibly in terms of reducing, re using and recycling resources and energy. We have a commitment to protecting wild life, creating and maintaining habitats and increasing the biodiversity of our natural environments.

Our friendly and supportive team includes paid employees and voluntary workers. We work collaboratively to deliver the Kingswood Trusts aims: We believe that: every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Our Mission at the Kingswood Trust is to provide high quality outdoor residential and environmental experiences that will support improved outcomes for the children, young people and community of Wolverhampton and the local area.

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