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Herefordshire Council

Hereford, UK

1000+ employees

32 job openings

About Herefordshire Council

Welcome! We're tucked on the edge of the West Midlands, nestled between Worcestershire and The Brecon Beacons. Here you’ll be able to explore more about life within Herefordshire and working with the council, supporting our communities across the county through our four main directorates below, with an icon for each directorate.

Please visit our dedicated recruitment website here to find out more.

Children & Young People

The Children & Young People directorate is responsible for education services, safeguarding and family support and is at the heart everything we do.

Community Wellbeing

The Community Wellbeing directorate brings together a wide range of services supporting communities including many of the most vulnerable individuals in the county, with a speech bubble to represent the importance of voice for all in our community.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Centre provides support services across the council for finance, human resources, legal, communications and strategic transformation and delivery, with a circle to demonstrate the central support our corporate services provide.

Economy & Environment

The Economy and Environment directorate brings together a wide range of services that together make a significant contribution to all of the strategic priorities identified in the council's County Plan, with a leaf to represent our pride of the environment in Herefordshire as well as the growth of our economy.

Herefordshire has the best of all worlds. It’s a place where the whole family can grow and thrive. Children have access to excellent education, there are well-paid jobs for adults, and the family life connects to the local community and to nature.

Our People Values are at the heart of everything that we do. We are investing in our people and culture to grow the spirit of Herefordshire, a place to thrive for both our community and our employees.

Everyone who works for Herefordshire Council has a part to play in delivering a better future for the county, and all our employees should feel supported, confident, and able to deliver their best. Our team is professional, dedicated, and determined to make a difference. Every single employee has the opportunity and a role to play to make things better for our community.

As a proud county we have a rich heritage, strong creative and connected communities, and an absolute commitment to build a better future for all of us, so that everyone feels safe, supported, and proud to live here.

Paul Walker, Chief Executive