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Chief Officer

Dovecotes TMO
Up to £60,000 per annum plus benefits
Closing date
28 Jun 2024

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Job Type
Contract Type
Full time permanent
Working Pattern

Job Title: Chief Officer

Grade: £50,000 - £60,000

DBS: Standard

Responsible to: Dovecotes TMO Board               

Location: Dovecotes TMO, Dovecotes Estate, Pendeford, Wolverhampton


Role and Responsibilities

Job Purpose and Role

To be responsible and accountable to the TMO Board for the strategic development of the TMO, its service offer and its operational service delivery. To report to Board on performance, expenditure against budget, progress against delivery plan objectives and targets. To manage and report on risks to the TMO and ensure effective risk management is maintained at all levels of the TMO. To be responsible for the achievement of an effective local housing service, ensuring the housing management and maintenance services are effectively and appropriately delivered in the TMO area.  To actively encourage tenant and resident involvement; and support the active involvement of tenants and residents in the running of the TMO. To regularly research, manage and effectively respond to the needs and aspirations of residents, and use this to define priorities to continually develop the local service offer. To lead on partnership working and develop excellent relationships with the City of Wolverhampton key senior staff and relevant stakeholders at regional, city and local level. To ensure appropriate advice and training is provided to all TMO Housing and Maintenance Staff, and ensure staff are supported, developed and motivated to deliver a great service. The post holder will be subject to Performance Measurement against TMO targets including, Arrears, Voids, Repairs and customer satisfaction. To ensure compliance on all Health and Safety issues within the local office and associated operational environs, ensuring the health and safety of staff, visitors and residents.

Primary Functions

To provide sufficient information and support to the Board to enable the Chair and Board members to exercise effective governance, and for the Board to provide positive leadership to the TMO. To manage relationships with key stakeholders, representing, enhancing and protecting the reputation of Dovecotes. To be responsible for the provision of an effective and efficient Housing Management, Income Collection, and Responsive and Void maintenance services within the TMO area. To manage the TMO office/s and monitor the local repairs team and any other repairs providers, ensuring that the service delivered is of an appropriate cost and quality. To provide the most effective service within available resources in accordance with the policies and procedures laid down by the TMO and its management agreement. To achieve local performance targets set by the TMO. To ensure the effective day-to-day management of the TMO staff and resources in meeting responsibilities as contained in the TMO management agreement. To represent the TMO in all Housing Management, Responsive and Void maintenance matters and anywhere else as deemed appropriate by the TMO. To work effectively with TMO board members, tenants and residents in partnership with City of Wolverhampton Council to implement the objectives of the TMO.

Service Planning and advice

  1. To draft the business plan and annual delivery plan

To implement best practice housing management and maintenance policies and procedures in the TMO, promoting performance management through a variety of mechanisms including the provision of basic training to staff, Board members and other residents.

Operational Service

  1. To plan and organise the Housing Management and Maintenance service and staff resources to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the services delivered to the TMO standards.
  • To continually review and improve work procedures and management arrangements.
  • Through direct or delegated responsibility, ensure that Housing Management and Maintenance policies and procedures are implemented within the TMO, including that the following are effectively and consistently applied: Responsive Maintenance Policies and Procedures Allocations Policy and Lettings Standard Conditions of Tenancy Rent Arrears Recovery and Prevention Policies and Procedures Housing Management and Maintenance Service Standards To attend and present reports to the TMO Board, Tenants and Residents Associations within the TMO area and any other forums as deemed appropriate by the TMO. These meeting may fall outside of normal working hours. To promote and manage positive working relationships with the Council, Local Councillors and other agencies including the Wolverhampton Homes. Manage and actively work to enhance the reputation of Dovecotes TMO. To be responsible for the day-to-day management of all office premises within the TMO and ensure that Health and Safety of the office building. To ensure the TMO meets all Health and Safety legislation and Council Health and Safety Policies; and that activity risk assessments are carried out for all TMO activities. To achieve the TMO targets to ensure the delivery of excellent quality services measured through agreed performance indicators and reported to Board and Council as required. To identify service improvements and, with staff, set, monitor, implement and evaluate performance indicators for all activities for which the TMO has responsibilities. To constantly strive to improve communication internally, with the community, and with any other agencies including the Council and Wolverhampton Homes. To work collaboratively and in partnership with other managing agents in Wolverhampton and the City Council.

  • Financial Management

    To assist the TMO in negotiating the setting of its allowances as required and to set such allowances against relevant budget heads. To manage the allowances and budgets throughout the year taking appropriate action to maximise income and control expenditure. To provide Board with financial plans including budget proposals. Regularly report to Board on expenditure against budget, in-year financial forecasting and longer term financial planning, and ensure approval for budgets, virements etc. To comply with the TMOs’ constitution and financial procedures for the placing of orders and the letting of contracts. To procure services in accordance with the requirements of the TMO with delegations appropriate to the post; and ensure that such services demonstrate good value for money. To authorise and where appropriate certify invoices for goods and services in accordance with the financial regulations. To ensure that inventories are kept for all TMO premises and “imprest” accounts are managed in accordance with the TMO financial rules. To ensure that all payments received within the area are handled, receipted and accounted for in accordance with the TMO rules.

  • Staff Management

    To participate in and be responsible for the appointment, appraisal, training and development of Board members and TMO staff. To directly supervise staff setting aims and objectives, undertaking regular one to ones and monitoring performance. To undertake and participate in staff development, appraisal and training as required. To be familiar, comply with and manage staff in accordance with the policies and procedures of the TMO.

  • Other Duties

    To ensure the TMO follows its rules in its constitution and meets the requirements of the management agreement with the Council. To ensure equality, diversity and inclusion both in service provision and employment, having regard to the needs of the diverse community within the TMO area. To ensure compliance with the Health and Safety policies of the TMO and encourage best practice at all levels of management and staffing. To comply with all legislation and TMO policies, including GDPR, Equality Act, Complaints, Computer Security and Customer Care. To undertake, following appropriate training, health and safety related duties such as first aider, fire marshal etc. To undertake such other duties which may reasonably be regarded as within the nature of the duties and responsibilities, the level of the position, and commensurate with grade of the post: and that normally any specific changes of a permanent nature shall be incorporated in the job description.

      To ensure resident / Councillor concerns or complaints are responded to positively and work in accordance with relevant policy and procedures.  


    The duties of the post may change and develop from time to time in the light of new legislation, TMO policies organisational developments and social trends. Such developments will be monitored in conjunction with the TMO and will be reflected, subject to consultation, as necessary in the aims of the post and work objectives set for the post-holder.            

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