• How to create an account for adverts that use a WMJobs Online form

You can create an account by navigating to the 'Create account' link which can be found in the top right hand corner of the homepage.

Once selected a new screen will appear, complete the fields on the right hand side under ‘Create an account’ and make sure you tick 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy' then click on 'create an account' orange button.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

You can navigate through the website to search and apply for the job you are interested in or make changes to your account from the drop down menu next to your name located in the right hand side of the webpage. 

  • WMJobs website is not the same as I remember it to be

​In 2016 we re-launched our website, providing jobseekers with a responsive and user friendly experience. Users of our old site who haven't accessed their account since that time would have to create a new account, or if you created a job alert would have to sign in and fully verify your account.

If you know the email address prior to 2016 that you signed up with you can reset your password and check if you have an account by clicking here

Please note a password reset email will only be sent to email addresses that hold an account. If you do not have an account then you will not get a password reset and would have to create an account.

  • I have forgotten my details to 'Sign in' to my account

Don’t worry.  Your username is the email address you used when you registered and you can reset your password by clicking on 'Sign in' on the homepage.  This will open up into the sign in page:

Enter your email address and click on 'Forgotten password?'  Follow the instructions and 'Submit'.  You will receive an email to allow you to reset your password

You can also reset your password, by clicking here

Please note a password reset email will only be sent to email addresses that hold a WMJobs account. If you do not have an account then you will not get a password reset and will have to create a new account.

  • I want to change my email address

You can change your email address by signing into your account which is located at the top right hand-side of the website. Please note this will not update your e-mail address in your application form.  You will need to update your email address in your application form. To sign in please click here.


  • Create an account to apply for Staffordshire County Council and Worcestershire County Council jobs

Staffordshire County Council and Worcestershire County Council require you to create a separate account to apply for their roles. You will be re-directed from WMJobs to their website where you will need to navigate to 'new user registration' and complete this before making an application.

WMJobs does not provide technical support for these websites and you should get in touch with their recruitment teams for guidance:

Staffordshire County Council:; Tel:01905 947446

Worcestershire County Council:; Tel 01905 676492

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Job Search

  • I have found a job that I wish to apply for but want to do it later.  Can I save it?

​Yes! Firstly make sure you have an account with us and that you are signed in. When you have found the job you wish to apply for, click on the orange 'apply' button. A new window will open to start the online application. You will find a purple 'save application' to click on should you wish to apply at a later time.  This saved application can be found in the Candidate Home Page.

Alternatively, you can find the job you are interested in click on the 'Save' icon


Once this has been done the star will change and it will say ‘Saved’ next to it

To view your saved jobs, click on the star icon next to 'Sign out' 


Or you can view your saved jobs, by clicking into your account and selecting ‘Your jobs’.  Any jobs you have saved will sit under the shortlist section on this page and you will be able to see the job title and the expiry date 

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Job Alerts

  • Do I have an account after I create a job alert and can apply for jobs?

The system creates an account for you using your email address. However you will need to ensure it is in working order before applying for a job. First, navigate to the Sign in link found in the top right hand corner of the website. Under the Sign in Section to the left click on forgot password. An email will be sent to your email address. In order to get the most from WM Jobs, you need to create a password to your account, so follow the link that is given in the Password Instructions email sent to your email address (check your spam/junk mail). Once you have done so, please complete your Personal Details (navigate to the 'Your account' section of the drop down menu on the top right hand corner).

Once you have completed this, you are able to now search and apply for jobs.

  • My job alerts are not sending the right jobs for me OR I want to change the type of jobs that I am receiving alerts for?

You can edit your job alerts at any time by logging into your account. Once you have logged in click on your account name towards the top of the screen and select ‘Your jobs’


You will now be able to see a section on the page called 'job alerts'. In this section you will be able to add, preview, edit or delete any of your job alert(s)


  • How do I unsubscribe from Job alerts?

At the bottom of the Job alerts email you receive there is an unsubscribe link. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page confirming you have unsubscribed from the emails

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***ADVANCE NOTICE: New online Application form will be launched soon*** so the application process becomes convenient, quicker and easier to use. In the mean time...

  • I want to start an application but the 'apply' link will not let me go to the application form. What can I do?

Before you contact the WMJobs service centre please consider:

(a) When you have signed into your account, is your name showing where previously it showed 'Jobseekers Sign in' in the right hand area of the website? If it is not, navigate to that area and click on the drop down menu and choose 'Your Account'. In this section enter your name details. Sign out of your account and Sign back in and see if this enables you to access the online application.

(b) Did you verify your account, by signing into your email address account and clicking on the verification link before you Signed into your account?

(c) Have you got a WMJobs account? This is created with an email address. Sometimes you may have used more than one email address to open an account and this creates a problem. Report this using our contact form.

  • In an application, what format should numbers take?

Should you need to type a date then enter it in the following format 26/05/2017. If you want to type in a telephone number then ensure that you type your numbers without spaces and include area codes.

  • In an application, what does the word count in characters mean for a text box?

Characters refers to bullet points, special characters, spacing and text. Please note that the Word count figure in Microsoft Word is a guide, so 4000 characters is approximately 1500 typed words with spacing and 700 characters is about 350 typed words and spacing.

  • I recently made an application and have not heard anything back and how can I check the status of my application?

​Once you have submitted an application, it will be the recruiting organisation's responsibility to contact you with the outcome. 

The WM Jobs team are unable to provide you with information regarding the progress of your application once it has been submitted. To enquire about the progress of your application please contact the recruiter listed on your application confirmation email.

All of our Recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

  • How do I check details of an application I have made?

​After signing into our website, you can navigate to the Candidate Home Page to view the status of applications you have submitted. If you want to withdraw an application this can be done here. Please note that applications submitted go directly to the recruiter of the job you applied for. If you wish to amend an application, you can contact the recruiter directly. Contact details of recruiters are on their recruiter page within the Recruiters A-Z section

  • How can I find details of an expired job?

​If you would like to see the details for a job that has expired, please contact the recruiter directly. You can find their contact details on their recruiters page within the Recruiters A-Z section

  • The advert does not give a closing time for applications. What time does the application need to be submitted by?

If a time is not specified within the advert then applications can be submitted until 11:59pm on the day of the closing date. Please remember: the advert will be removed from the website at midnight, so ensure that you have submitted your application before 11:59pm

  • I want to apply for more than one job but the system will not let me do this

​The system will only let you apply for one vacancy at a time. You need to complete and submit one application before you can move onto the next. The reason is because the system saves your most recent information and for this to be accurate and efficient, we can only accept one application at a time

  • I have submitted my application form but need to make changes

You are only able to submit one application per vacancy, so please ensure you thoroughly review prior to submitting. Should you require any amendments to be made once the application is submitted, we would ask you to contact the recruiter direct. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

  • How do I know if my application has been submitted successfully?

Once you have submitted your application successfully you should get a message telling you that it has been submitted successfully.

  • I have not had any feedback on my application and I want an update on the status of my application

​Should you wish to have an update on the status of your application, the recruiter will need to be contacted directly. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

  • Can I get a printable version of my application form after it has been submitted?

You can print your application after it has been submitted, by clicking on view application pack via the Candidate Home Page.

  • I need a copy of the job description and person specification for my job interview

​You will need to contact the recruiter directly to obtain the required documents. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

  • I need a copy of the advert and documents

​If you have not already done so, we would advise you to keep a copy of the advert and download any attachments available for the post you are applying for, as these documents will not be accessible once the vacancy has closed.

Alternatively, if these are no longer available please contact the recruiter direct to obtain the required documents. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

  • I have accidentally withdrawn from a position that I want to apply for. What can I do?

If you have accidentally withdrawn from a position when the closing date has past then you will need to contact the recruiter you applied to. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

However, if the closing date has not passed, then you can reapply for the role. When you navigate to the Candidate Home Page you will see that two applications are submitted for the same job title.

  • I have submitted an application but cannot see it on my candidate homepage

​Please allow up to 2 hours for the submitted application to display in your candidate homepage.

Should the application continue to not display once you have allowed 2 hours, check you have received an email confirming receipt of your application. If this is not received, please contact the service centre team using the contact us section (ensure the recruiter name and position title is provided)


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Candidate Home Page

  • You may receive an error message when you click to return to your candidate home page (CHP) after saving or submitting an application.

A permanent fix is currently being arranged to resolve this issue.  

In the meantime, this issue can be resolved by clearing cookies or closing and reopening your browser page to access the site. If you are unfamiliar with removing cookies from your PC, we recommend you take the following action: 

  1. Close internet browser
  2. Open a new internet browser page
  3. Navigate to the wmjobs site
  4. Go to your candidate home page and login

You will then be able to carry out any further action you wish to do. However, if this does not work for you, complete the contact us section.

Further Help & Feedback

  • I cannot find an answer to my enquiry. What can I do?

​You can obtain support during the following hours:

9:00am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays

Please visit our contact us section where you can submit your query to the WMJobs Service team.


We are always keen to hear feedback from you about your experience of using this site.  If you have used WM Jobs to find your latest job or have any suggestions that may help your search, please let us know by visiting our visit our contact us section where you can submit your feedback to the WMJobs Service team

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