The public sector is as rich and diverse as it is rewarding. Opportunities exist for people with a whole range of talents to serve their community and drive through positive change.

It might be one sector but there are multiple opportunities. Think of any career type and it’s highly likely you will be able to do it in this rich and vibrant sector.

WMJobs advertised vacancies across the whole public sector including charities, education, emergency services, health and social care, and local councils. 

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Local Gov Team

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Working for a charity is immensely satisfying as a career choice. It’s also an extremely diverse area to work in – rich in employment opportunity. As well as campaigning, lobbying, fundraising, policy development, research and conservation roles, there are a huge range of central services roles from marketing and IT to finance and HR.

With many larger charities offering internships and graduate training programmes, and a commitment to structured career development, it’s a great sector in which to build a career.

Whether you’ve already been building your career in the not-for-profit world, or you’re looking for a change of career direction, you’ll find a wide range of exciting opportunities right here.

On our site you can also access a range of volunteering opportunities right on your doorstep. You’ll find lots of variety here, whether you’re looking for a few hours a week, to do your bit for the local community, or to get some experience under your belt with a view to working in the sector

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Over 60% of the jobs advertised on this site are within education.

Education is one of the fundamental building blocks of our society with education professionals at the very heart of the community – helping to build the future.

The education roles we cover are wide and varied. Whether you’re looking for your first teaching job after graduating, or you’re moving up to be Head of Department.

We also cover a wide range of other areas, beyond teaching. These include the best opportunities in, educational planning and development, educational psychology, speech and language therapy, educational welfare, careers advice and teaching support. 

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Emergency Services 

Think of the public sector and images of police officers, nurses and firefighters will probably spring to mind.

The roles in this sector are more wide-ranging than you might at first imagine. From police officers and fire and ambulance professionals, to communications roles, project management and central services, the emergency services is a great environment for people looking to take develop their career.

We advertise roles with the NHS, police and the fire service all offering fantastic career development opportunities. 

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Health and Social Care

Here at WMJobs we are passionate about excellent public services and about getting the right people into the sector.

Never has this been as important as in the area of social care. We work hard to support recruitment in an-ever demanding sector.

Social care is a unique profession rich with meaning, action, and the power to make a difference. Social workers pull communities together, help individuals and families find solutions, advance changes in social policy, promote social justice, and foster human and global well-being.On this site you will find an array of social care careers

Social workers do a remarkable job and we are committed to doing all we can to make our candidates aware of the latest opportunities and helping our recruiters find the best people. 

If you’re looking to start or develop a career in social care this is the website for you.

View live vacancies in health and social care here.

Local Councils 

All 33 of our regions councils advertise with us – local councils work to make a real difference in communities and manage everything from refuse collection to street lights to regeneration projects to everything in between.

Think of a career type and you will probably be able to do it at a local council.

Local Government Career Guide

Marketing, finance, HR, legal, planning, legal, teaching, social work, economic development to name but a few are all  careers you can pursue within local councils.
At WMJobs we advertise thousands of local council positions online every year and are committed to getting professional people into local government.  

You can find more about the huge variety of careers in local councils in our career guide here and view vacancies here.